Syrian Revolt Intensifies

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Men throw stones at riot police during clashes in the Mediterranean coastal town of Banias, on May 27, 2011, as Syria braced for more anti-government protests, called for by pro-reform activists.
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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has granted a "general amnesty" to much international skepticism after images of a mutilated and tortured 13-year-old boy galvanized the nationwide protest movement; home prices hit their lowest level since 2006 as more Americans are choosing to rent; the Pentagon has declared computer sabotage by another nation to be an act of war; a look at recession-savaged America through its empty buildings; author Ellis Cose examines rising optimism in the black community in "The End of Anger"; and, a conversation with Haris Durrani, gold metal winner of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.