Woman in NYPD Rape Trial 'Devastated' by Officers' Acquittal

The woman at the center of the NYPD rape trial broke her silence for the first time since the jury acquitted the two officers of rape last week to say she was "devastated" by the verdict.

"I am devastated and disappointed by the jury's decision," she said in a statement released by her attorneys on Tuesday. "I have waited 2-1/2 years for closure that will now never come."

The 29-year-old woman accused officer Kenneth Moreno of raping her while his partner officer Franklin Mata acted as lookout after the two were summoned to help the drunk woman into her East Village apartment in December 2008.

Moreno and Mata, who returned to the woman's apartment three more times that night, were convicted of three counts of official misconduct.

The woman, who delivered tearful testimony during the weeks-long trial, said the prying into her personal and social life by attorneys who "seek to shame and humiliate you for hours" was almost unbearable: "How saddening, how utterly disheartening," she said.

The woman thanked Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly for swiftly firing the two officers from the NYPD: "Thank you both for making such a strong statement that this city will not tolerate criminal actions by its police officers," she said.

She also thanked prosecutors for their role: "They gave me a voice after a night when I had none."