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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 College Graduates: Have you been trained to follow your dreams or get practical in a difficult world? And are those incompatible? Are you following advice to follow your passion, make sacrifices for the good of others, or to seek financial security--and are those things compatible? What advice are you following. Call us at 212-433-WNYC or comment here!

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Bob in PA from Milford, PA

To the Class of 2011 segment's last caller who just graduated from Bryn Mawr with majors in Math and Something and is headed to UNC and doesn't know whether she's headed for what she really wants, don't worry. I left NYC the first time just as Daughter #1 graduated Bryn Mawr with majors in History and Russian Language and went on to be the only applicant out of 31 accepted to UNC's PhD program in Russian History, even though her BMC history prof warned her there were *no* jobs in history, and, ... and, ... uhm, she and the husband she met at UNC with the doctorate in plastics research are doing fine in the oil industry, ... with their four kids. On the other hand, summers are hell in Houston

P.S. But her Bryn Mawr classmate from Seattle with a major in math who had paid her own way through Bryn Mawr as she went and had to delay her very last semester to earn some tuition dollars, . . . got a job on Wall Street.

Jun. 01 2011 02:07 AM

Would you please fix your website. It is not working on Tuesday May 31 at 2:35PM. Can not play any of your interviews. Please fix. thanks, Jan Riese

May. 31 2011 02:38 PM
Howard from Bronx

Brian - Your comment to Ashley that she could minor in Spanish while doing a Nursing major is incorrect. Nursing majors cannot minor in anything (at least in CUNY schools) because of time constraints. Labs, classes are very intensive.

May. 31 2011 11:54 AM

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