Morning Headlines

What Others Are Saying About the NYC Rape Trials (Various)
The tabloids take a mostly incredulous view of the acquittal of two New York City police officers accused of raping an intoxicated woman in her East Village apartment in 2008. The NY Post headline “Cops’ Rape Verdict: Justice Defiled” is typical of the paper’s tone. Columnist Andrea Peyser rips into the jurors and declares, “There is no justice for drunk women … The jury loathed [the alleged victim] on sight.” Daily News columnist Michael Daly writes Dominque Strauss-Kahn should feel good about his upcoming rape trial because if the jury believed those police officers, “they will believe anything.” The NY Times also wonders what affect this verdict will have on Strauss-Kahn’s trial, saying the acquittal comes at “an acutely sensitive time.” Legal experts say the woman’s lawsuit against the city for $57 million is still strong.

Defense Team Hints It May Have Dirt on DSK Accuser (WSJ)
In a letter complaining about alleged leaks from the police department and Manhattan’s District Attorney’s office, the defense team for Dominique Strauss-Kahn hints they may have evidence that would undermine the credibility of the woman accusing him of sexual assault. They write, ”Indeed, were we intent on improperly feeding the media frenzy, we could now release substantial information that in our view would ... gravely undermine the credibility of the complainant.”

Health Care Benefits for Nearly 1,000 OTB Retirees in Limbo (NY Daily News)
An appeals court panel yesterday the 980 retirees they can’t order the city or the state to pay their health benefits. The health benefits for the retirees were jeopardized after OTB shuttered last year.

Classroom Sizes Rising in NYC (WSJ)
According to a report from the Independent Budget Office, classroom sizes haven risen across nearly all elementary and middle school classrooms in the last year. Average class sizes in kindergarten through eight grade have grown to 24.6 students per class from 23. The United Federation of Teachers expects classes to get even bigger if the mayor goes ahead with his plan to eliminate 6,000 teacher positions.

State Given False Promises in Secure Communities Program (NY Daily News)
Officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement admitted that some states -- including New York -- were led to believe that if the state signed on to the program -- where local law enforcement shared fingerprints of arrested undocumented citizens with federal officials -- individual counties could opt out. Turns out, the program was never designed to be voluntary.

Sparks Start to Fly in Target Fight (Crain’s)
The labor union behind the effort to unionize a Target in suburban Valley Stream filed a complaint this week alleging that the retailer illegally intimidated workers in order to thwart the organizing drive there.

Can Wifi Work Citywide in New York? (Bloomberg Business Week)
A company called Towerstream wants to bring wifi to New York City. They have a plan to put 1,000 wireless routers similar to those in people’s homes around the city so residents in the zone have unfettered access to the internet.

City Council Lifts Age for Aspiring Firefighters (DNAinfo)
Aspiring firefighters now have seven more years to take the test to join the FDNY. It used to be that they had to squeeze in before their 29th birthday. Now they can be up to 36.