Ed Askew

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Ed Askew could be considered an “outsider” artist -- he certainly operates outside the mainstream -- but there’s nothing arcane or closed-off about Ed’s songs. His first album was recorded in 1968 and Ed is still in touch with his unique muse, creating music that’s disarmingly full of heart. Ed’s music has been featured on Spinning On Air before, but this time he gives us the rare chance to hear him perform in the WNYC Studio and talk about his music with host David Garland. 

Pianist Thomas Bartlett and string player Sam Amidon, both accomplished songwriters and members of the band Doveman, provide the accompaniment for Askew’s in-studio performances, and David Garland plays 12-string guitar on one song. This show first aired June 1, 2008 (after the broadcast Ed wrote to correct his statement of age; he was 67, not 57, when this session was recorded). Recently, more of Ed's music has been released, and he's about to go on tour (details below). Some of the links spoken of on the show are out of date; please use those provided below.