Financial 411: Continuing the Conversation about Stress in the Workplace

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Last week, our talk about workplace stress with consultant Peter Bregman definitely hit a nerve — and the conversation isn't over.

When asked if his clients were coming to him with more stress-related issues, Bregman said "yes" — even as, or especially as, the economy improves. He said many company executives are happily trumpeting the fact that business has been getting better, with better earnings and share prices.

"But the people who they're saying it to are looking around and saying, 'We have to do twice as much,' 'We don't have as many people working with us,' and, 'We're not seeing an increase in our salaries,'" Bregman said.

That, he added, could lead to more stress for employees, and distrust of their leaders. This week, Bregman offers his advice to employees and employers - "and it starts with empathy."


Stocks closed slightly lower, as worries about Europe's debt crisis continued. The Dow Jones fell 25 points, to close at 12,356. The S&P 500 lost a point. to end at 1,316. And the Nasdaq fell 13 points, or 0.5 percent, to close at 2,746.