Takeouts: Obama to Establish Debt Commission, Authorities Target Shady Business Practice, Glitches at Winter Olympics

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  • DEBT TAKEOUT: President Obama is expected to sign an executive order today, setting up a bipartisan commission to examine ways to reduce our soaring deficit. Walter Alarcon, a staff writer for The Hill, joins us with a look at a bitterly divided Congress.
  • FINANCE TAKEOUT: New York Times finance reporter Louise Story tells us why federal and state authorities are going after companies that try to pass off regular employees as private contractors.
  • OLYMPICS TAKEOUT: Freelance sports writer Dan Friedell joins us with some thoughts on how the Vancouver Olympics differ from the games in Beijing. He says the 2008 Games was a well-oiled machine, while the 2010 Games has seen glitch after glitch. You may be surprised which one Dan thinks is more fun.