Takeouts: Discovering How King Tut Really Died, New Airport Screening Measures

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  • KING TUT: For years it was thought that King Tut had died from foul play, but new research reveals that he most likely was killed by a severe bout of malaria combined with a degenerative bone condition. He even used crutches! Egypt's top archaeologist and Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass solved the mystery behind King Tut's death and discovered clues in the young pharoah's DNA that give us new insight into his ancestry.
  • AIRPORT SECURITY: In a few weeks, airport screeners will begin walking through terminals taking chemical swabs from randomly selected passengers and their luggage to check for explosives like those used in the attempted Christmas Day bombing. Joining us is Col. Randall Larsen, the founding director of the Institute for Homeland Security at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.