June's Book: The Tragedy of Arthur, by Arthur Phillips

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We kicked off our book club with the novel The Tragedy of Arthur, by Arthur Phillips. On June 16 in the Greene Space, Leonard moderated a discussion with Arthur Philips, and people in the audience were able to ask their questions about the book. Watch the video below starting 40 minutes in. 

The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips tells the story of the doomed hero named Arthur Phillips, a young man whose con artists father has been an unreliable parent but whose love of William Shakespeare has inspired Arthur to become a writer. When his father shares with Arthur a treasure he’s kept secret for 50 years—a previously unknown play by Shakespeare, titled The Tragedy of Arthur—Arthur and his sister take up the mission to see the play published and acknowledged. But could it be their father’s last great con? The Tragedy of Arthur explores the tension between storytelling and truth-telling, the quest for originality in our lives, and the act of literary mythmaking.