Financial 411: Coping With Workplace Stress in a Stressful Economy

Big business is often a major topic on the 411. But the focus on Tuesday is a micro talk about your business, and, more specifically, your workplace.

Peter Bregman, a management consultant who works with CEOs on leadership and organizational issues, has written several articles on workplace stress and says stress levels can increase in a tough economy.

"I think there's a very interesting dynamic that's happening," he said. "The economy has been doing better, companies have more cash, but they don't trust it. And as a result of not trusting it, they're not bringing in more people."

He said that, in turn, can stress out employees who feel they're doing more work with less help, and less financial gain.

Bregman talks about how employees and bosses can cope with workplace stress. He also explains some of the ideas in one of his recent articles, with a somewhat surprising headline: "Too Much to Do? Take on More."