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Buskers Audition to Play Music Underground

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The sounds of accordions and harps rang out in Grand Central Station on Tuesday morning at the annual tryouts for "Music Under New York." The program, run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (M.T.A.), allows Subway buskers to play in key locations underground and use amplification in their busking acts. Approved musicians can also hang official banners alongside their acts while performing.

Some 350 performers are on the MTA's roster of sanctioned performers. Of the 65 individuals and groups who tried out Tuesday morning, about 20 more will be selected to be part of the "Music Under New York" program.

A panel of judges made up of New York arts figures will select the lucky buskers in two weeks. The MTA's program is in its 24th year.

WNYC stopped by the auditions on Tuesday to talk with some buskers-to-be. Here’s what they said:

Erik Heger, Harpist

Matt Dallow, Accordion player

Margarita Tragedy, Pianist and singer

Jenneth Webster, "Music Under New York" Judge