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Bread Revolution For The Common Man

Jim Lahey is on a mission to prove you can have your cake — or in this case, bread —and eat it, too. The founder of the Sullivan Street Bakery wrote the book on this type of laissez-faire baking, using the so-called "no knead" technique.

My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method explains the science behind his method. It includes recipes for his basic dough as well as homemade pizza, ciabatta and foccacia.

While you don't need a gargantaun oven the size of a small one-bedroom (see video below), the recipe does call for a Dutch oven or something else of that nature. There's a little stirring of this and that. Baking at 450°- 500° F. A little waiting. That's it.

Lahey shows us how to make a loaf of pugliese at the Sullivan St Bakery. Watch the video for details. Winter hat and wool sweater optional.