Christie, Dems Continue Stalemate on Medical Marijuana

New Jersey Democrats want the Christie Administration to re-write the rules on dispensing medical marijuana.

Former Governor John Corzine and state legislators legalized the controlled substance more than a year ago, but the dispensing system is still on the drawing board.

Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Stender says Christie has not honored what the legislature passed.

"We took great care to enact a law that would allow access by very ill people to moderate amounts of marijuana to relieve their symptoms," she said. "And the regulations have limited the ability to provide that relief."

Stender says Christie has added unnecessary hurdles, including a prohibition against home delivery of the controlled substance.

"If you are a terminally ill person and you need something to relieve symptoms, you would probably like someone to deliver it to you, and the regulations do not permit that," Stender said.

She and her counterpart in the State Senate have submitted a bill that would restore home delivery and reject limits imposed on the strength of marijuana and the number of available strains.

In a written statement, the state Health Department, maintained the rules are consistent with the law that was passed and that they insure only patients who truly qualify will receive marijuana to ease pain and suffering.

Little action is expected on the bill until the state budget passes. The deadline is June 30.