New Music with Voices

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For this New Sounds, try on some layered voices in music by Julianna Barwick.  A superchoir of many Juliannas combines with warm drones and hypnotic piano to bring to mind Sigur Rós in a glacial cathedral.  Plus, there's also music from Toby Twining's latest, "Eurydice," which began as a score for Sarah Ruhl's play of the same name, and evolved into a many voiced interpretation of the Orpheus myth.  Those works, and much more.

PROGRAM #        3194, New Music for Voices               (First aired on 4/18/11)                                                       





Toby Twining Music


Yes! Yes! Yes! [4:00]
Underworld Motif, Strange High Pitched Noises [:51]
The String Room [5:37]

E-U-R-Y-D-I-C-E [2:27]

Cantaloupe Music CA 21068

Julianna Barwick

The Magic Place

Envelop [5:40]

Asthmatic Kitty Records AKR081

Laurel MacDonald

Luscinia’s Lullaby

Flutter [3:40]
Envelope Of Many [3:07]

Improbable Music imaCD-04

Julianna Barwick

The Magic Place

White Flag [4:53]

See above.

Efrim Manuel Menuck

High Gospel

Chickadees Roar, Pt 2 [4:44]

Constellation CST 078
Due out May 24, 2011

Julianna Barwick

The Magic Place


See above.