Ron Paul, and his Grassroots Army, Is In for 2012

Ron Paul declared his candidacy for president for the third time on Friday, "because the time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what I've been saying for thirty years, so I think the time is right."

He told George Stephanopolus on ABC's Good Morning America that he's running as a Republican, not as an independent, because it "is just about impossible" to get traction and media attention outside the party system unless "you're a billionaire like Ross Perot." 

"If I was an independent, George, you would not have me on this program this morning," Paul said. "There's nothing wrong with nudging the Republicans to a true constitutional position, stick to their guns on fiscal conservatism." 


Ron Paul brings to the race his legion of supporters, who have created fan site after fan site after fan site over the years. They're already busy organizing for the Iowa straw poll in August, but if you're looking for where you can celebrate his entry into the race, check out one of the 633 Meetup groups. If it's a potluck, may we suggest you bring a banana split cake or a delicacy from the latest edition of the Ron Paul Family Cookbook.