Raising Manhattanites

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sam Roberts, urban affairs correspondent  for The New York Times, looks at the new census numbers showing more children under five living in Manhattan, but fewer children city-wide.

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Sam Roberts

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Danny Seaman from Richmond Hill

Poor Sam, You think NYC as numbers and more numbers the better.
Do you know the Con Ed story about "How Many People There Are in NYC?"
Last week a young black, street smart, Con Ed meter reader asked is my nieghbor home ? I said " She might be home but you won't get in her basement to read the electric meter. Nor the rest of my neighbors." He laughed and said, "Watch me!"
He rang the bell and spoke to a woman who said she could only speak Spanish. Mr. Con Ed answered her is fluent Spanish. But now in English she said she is just a tenant and the owners are in Ecuador for an extended vacation. There is no possible way he could get into the basement. Sorry.
He tried the next house and encountered the same result. I'm sitting with a friend and we are laughing at him. Finally he tried a third house. Another lady who can't speak English, who does not even know who her landlord is.
He kept getting turned down. You see in my community, every basement is illegally sub divided into two dwellings. Each upper floor apartment is also sub divided. All my neighbors will not let any municpal workers into their homes.
It must do your historical heart good to know that 2011 slums in private houses harken back to the glory days of the old lower East Side.
You and your buddy Mike Bloomberg who see growth as positive have know idea what is like to be a real New Yorker.
A real New Yorker has been the victim of at least five felonies that have never been solved. In my sixty plus years I've been a victim of 9 felonies.
New York is not census statistics or uncontrolled growth. You want to see horror visit Flushing and see the way the Chinese are living there. You won't see it.
They lock their doors. Ask the Con Ed man !
Get Out of Manhattan and See NYC
Danny Seaman

Aug. 03 2011 05:23 PM

I was born and raised in Hell's Kitchen in the 60's, moved to Washington Heights in the 70's and lived in the Lower East Side and Chelsea in the 80's and 90's. I lived in Japan for three years and came back in late 1999. Could not afford NYC any more, moved to NJ, now in FL for business reasons.

NYC used to be a great place full of art, adventure and diversity. It's all about money now. Manhattan is now one big boring and expensive suburb. Even my childhood friends that have rent stabilized/controlled apartments want to leave NYC but can't afford to.

May. 12 2011 12:04 PM
Amy from Manhattan

Really, mostly wealthy people below 102nd St.? I know a lot of couples in a Conservative synagogue in Washington Heights having babies, in a neighborhood where many people are moving from the Upper West side because they can't afford to live there anymore.

BTW, this includes at least 2 gay couples--a different kind of gay (capital-C) Conservatives!

May. 12 2011 11:57 AM

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