Caught! Bronx Zoo’s Female Peacock Found in Garage

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Following in the footsteps of fellow Bronx Zoo resident the Egyptian Cobra, a peahen escaped from the Bronx Zoo Monday. But unlike her slithery pal, she didn't get out for long.

The green-and-brown peahen (a female peacock) was recovered in the garage of a local business, according to the Bronx Zoo.

"We will keep our tradition of free-roaming peafowl at the Bronx Zoo. We are confident that after this peahen's recent adventure, she won't want to wander from her home at the zoo," director of the Bronx Zoo Jim Breheny said in a statement.

Like in the case of the cobra, a Twitter account soon sprang up after the peahen's escape with zippy one-liners like: "Bronx Zoo couldn't contain all of my fabulousness," and "Speaking of trump's hair, I think the strands on his head would make for good nesting material."

The venomous Egyptian Cobra attracted enough attention to warrant a naming ceremony — Mia, for Missing in Action, won the vote.

The user who goes by PeaHEN posted a parting message to her followers: "Thank you for all the support, humans. Remember that freedom at times can be short lived, so make the best of it right now! Beaky smoochies!"