#3042: Theme & Variations - Goldberg Variations

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From a Satie-influenced piano solo to electronics to a large jazz-based ensemble, Bach’s celebrated variations are themselves varied for this New Sounds program.  We’ll hear some varations adapted almost beyond recognition, by composers like Derek Bermel, David Del Tredici, and Uri Caine.  Listen to a version arranged by Karlheinz Essl for string trio with electronic manipulation of the instruments along with Derek Bermel's funky Kontraphunktus. 

Plus, excerpts from the playful Uri Caine arrangements of the Goldbergs, which travel forward and backward in time with gamba quartet and lute all the way up to minimalism and turntables. Caine's epic 2-CD set is also gleefully heedless of genre, swinging from spoken word and DJ Logic's turntables to jazz and tango, baroque meeting gospel, and veering into Afro-Cuban rhythms and soulful blues.  All that and more.

PROGRAM # 3042, Theme & Variations: Bach’s Goldbergs Variations (First aired on Wed., 02/24/10)





Sachiko Kato

Live at the Phoenix Hall

13 Ways of Looking at the Goldberg (2007)- Bach: Aria, from Goldberg Variations BWV 988 [2:15]
Stanley Walden: Fantasy Variation [2:07]
Fred Lerdahl: Chasing Goldberg [2:28]
David Del Tredici: My Goldberg (Gymnopedie #1) [4:24]
Derek Bermel: Kontraphunktus [1:59]
Bach: Aria (Reprise), from Goldberg Variations BWV 988 [2:31]

2009 CD, see www.sachikokato.com for availability.
Or check her concert schedule to purchase a CD from her in person.

Karlheinz Essl


GoldBergWerk - Aria Electronic [4:12]
GoldBergWerk - Fantasia Chromatica Electronica [3:45]

Preiser Records PR907538 www.preiserrecords.at OR download from www.essl.at

Uri Caine


Carol Variation [2:35]
Stomp Variation [2:26]
Logic’s Invention [:38]
Stuttering Variation [2:30]
Rachmaninoff [1:52]
Variation For Vinicius, excerpt [1:00]
Halleluja Variation [1:46]
Luther’s Nightmare [2:18]
Minimal Variation [3:29]
Tango Variation [1:51]

Winter & Winter 910054 www.winterandwinter.com

Jacques Loussier Trio

Bach’s Goldberg Varitations

Variation 3 [1:24] Aria, excerpt

Telarc 83479