LIRR Warns of Service Changes Through Mid-Week

Long Island Rail Road commuters should prepare for fewer and more crowded trains during morning and evening rush hours this week.

Service disruptions caused by an Amtrak train derailment on Sunday that blocked an East River tunnel will last through at least Wednesday, according to the LIRR. There will be about 20 fewer trains heading out to Long Island Monday night.

The rail road is also changing westbound service. Those heading to Manhattan between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. will have to disembark at Jamaica station in Queens and catch a subway, according to spokesman Salvatore Arena.

"Three of the four tunnels that we normally use for our peak periods โ€” the morning peak and the PM peak โ€” are available to us, and as a result, we have to reduce the number of trains coming into Penn Station," he said.

Arena is urging commuters to subscribe to LIRR alerts online, to get the latest information about service changes. You can also check the MTA's website.

Amtrak, which owns the tunnel, is working on repairs. An Amtrak spokeswoman said all five of the train cars derailed on Sunday were back on track by Monday afternoon, and that crews are currently working to fix a broken rail that may have caused the derailment.