At Least Two Killers at Work in Long Island Slayings: DA

Humans remains found along a stretch of beach highway in Long Island are the work of at least two killers who used the area as a dumping ground, a Long Island District Attorney said Monday.

The head and hands of Jessica Taylor, 20, a prostitute, were among the 10 sets of remains police found along the Long Island highway earlier this year, Suffolk County Thomas Spota said on Monday. The rest of her body was found in Manorville in 2003. Police said they believe they have discovered more remains of a woman whose right food and hands were discovered on April 4 along Ocean Parkway.

"It is clear that the area in and around Gilgo Beach has been used to discard human remains for some period of time," Spota said Monday. "As distasteful and disturbing as that is, there is no evidence that all of these remains are the work of a single killer." 

Authorities said at least two people are responsible for killing eight people found in Suffolk County. Two other sets of remains were found in neighboring Nassau County.

A man's body was among the 10 remains found and forensic anthropologists believe he was an Asian male in his late teens or early 20s. The man, authorities said appeared to have died a violent death. "The cause of death is radically different from all of the other remains found to date,” Spota said.

A girl between 18-24 months old was also among the human remains found, but did not appear to have sign of injury or trauma, the DA said.

The Suffolk County DA said all of the remains are being examined by New York City's Medical Examiner's Office.

No suspects have been named.

Below is a map of evidence found along Ocean Parkway in Long Island.

(Courtesy of Suffolk County District Attorney)

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