From Ants to Invasive Potato Beetles: More About Bugs

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Today’s Please Explain is a look at bugs with Amy Stewart, author of Wicked Bugs. If you want to learn more about some specific insects—and some of the diseases they carry—here are some of our other insect-related Please Explains we've done in the past:

Please Explain: Lyme Disease looked at deer ticks and the complex and still somewhat mysterious disease they carry.

Please Explain: Invasive Species looked at some of the invaders from the insect world who are wreaking havoc on crops and plants.

Please Explain: Mosquitoes was full of fascinating facts about how they suck blood, reproduce, and spread disease.

Please Explain: Bees discussed hive communities, honey-making, how bees communicate, and colony collapse syndrome killing off so many bees in North America in recent years.

Please Explain: Cockroaches took a close look at the insects that disgust so many of us, and we found out what makes them so indestructible.

Please Explain: Malaria was about the deadly disease carried by mosquitoes.

Please Explain: Ants revealed how ants cooperate, fight, and sacrifice themselves for their colonies.

Please Explain: Bed Bugs was all about the scourge infesting New York City—where bed bugs came from, where they hide, and how to get rid of them.