#2919: New Music for String Quartet

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Hear a lot of new music for string quartet on this New Sounds.  Listen to Raz Mesinai’s  work for string quartet and four turntables where the string instruments are recorded and then manipulated by DJs, resulting in a hybrid of composition and turntablism.  Then there’s music by Steve Reich, his haunting Triple Quartet, which can be a string section of 36 players, three string quartets, or string quartet and pre-recorded tape.  

Also, hear music from Elvis Costello, from his partnership with the Brodsky Quartet, inspired by an Italian professor's decision to reply to the many thousands of letters written every year to Shakespeare’s fictional Juliet.  Plus,
works by Bruno Letort, Johann Johannsson, and more.

PROGRAM # 2919, New Music for String Quartet (First aired on Tues. 4/1/09)





Raz Mesinai

Dubwar Podcast 06

String Quartet for 4 Turntables, Part 1 [4:00]


Steve Reich / Kronos Quartet

Triple Quartet

Triple Quartet [14:00]

Nonesuch 79546

Procédé Rodesco -Letort

Volume Premier

Letort: Suite for String Quartet and Diverse Machines [11:00]

Tangram TC 3026 www.tangram-records.com or download from iTunes

Jóhann Jóhannsson


Petta Gerist a Bestu Baejum (It Happens In The Best Homes) [1:00]

Touch TO:52

Elvis Costello / the Brodsky Quartet

The Juliet Letters

Romeo’s Séance [3:30]

Warner Bros. 45180**
Available at Amazon.com or download from Amazon.com

Jóhann Jóhannsson


Salfraedingur (Psychologist) [3:30] Salfraedingur Salfraedingur Deyr (A Psychologist Dies) [3:00]

See above.

Raz Mesinai

Dubwar Podcast 06

String Quartet for 4 Turntables, Part 2 excerpt [3:00]

See above.