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DJ/ rupture Predicts Next Big Music Scene

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One hint: it's not Brooklyn or Berlin. To DJ/rupture, Dakar is the global music hub to watch.

While he has yet to visit, DJ/ rupture (a.k.a. Jace Clayton) admires the diverse scene in the Senegalese capital. It's the place he's "most curious about musically."

"You've got everything from hip-hop to ragga, to traditional sound to mbalax – all this swirl," the turntablist said after appearing on WNYC's Soundcheck. "There has to be a lot happening in Dakar."

Also making his topping his list for emerging musical 'it' cities: Bristol, as in England, not Connecticut.

"Cities like Bristol are always really kind of fertile hotbeds of musical activity" with tons of producers and musicians around, said Clayton. "Unlike London, which is so monied, Bristol is a bit looser and easier to live there.  So you get people often being more experimental and having more room to stretch out." 

Clayton's latest album, Solar Life Raft, is out now.