Underreported: Crackdown on Protests in Puerto Rico

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Since last summer, there has been a sometimes violent standoff between students at the University of Puerto Rico and the government over an announced budget cut and an increase in tuition fees, but that may just be part of a wider pattern of First Amendment violations. Jennifer Turner, a Human Rights Researcher at the ACLU and Rosie Perez, who just returned from a fact-finding mission in Puerto Rico, describe how authorities have dealt with students, striking workers, journalists, and civilians in recent months.


Rosie Perez and Jennifer Turner

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jgarbuz from Queens

Puerto Ricans are almost like the Palestinians. They don't have their own independent state, but not are not a state in the Union either, though they are citizens albeit cannot vote for Congress or the US presidency, They only got the right to elect their own governors after 54 years of occupation, in 1954.
However, they do recognize the right of the United States to exist, and can separate if they vote to do so in a referendum. SO far they have not chosen to either become independent or to be a state in the Union.

May. 05 2011 01:52 PM
Howie from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

The idea of Nuyorican Rosie Perez doing a "fact finding" mission on La Isla is absurd! (Her film about PR culture is OFFENSIVE to islanders!)
Puerto Rico has many problems,indeed,one of them being the limbonic and never properly dealt with "status" issue; imagine,our Presidential candidates campaign and have a primary there..but the Puerto Ricans, who are full US citizens CAN'T VOTE and have one NON voting rep in the House!!
We've bombarded the island with our awful consumerist habits, and many of the striking students deprive those who want to study of that right. (Let's also remember the move to get the military off Vieques,which eminanted from New Yorkers and a spoiled Kennedy, destroyed a good part of the economy,and simply made available land to arrogant mainlanders! AND that Saint John Kennedy
stole land titles there from many Viequens!)
I can't WAIT to hear THIS segment!!

May. 05 2011 01:11 PM

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