New York Police Ramp Up Security for Obama's Visit

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President Obama is in New York today to pay his respects at Ground Zero and meet with family members of victims of 9/11. Whenever the president is in town, the New York Police Department is on heightened security. But this time, they will be keeping the status quo. The NYPD’s 35,000 officers have been on alert since Sunday night when the White House announced Osama bin Laden’s death. Officers have been working overtime to protect subways during rush hour and have been commanded to be on the lookout for suspicious packages at landmarks. Police officials say there have been no specific threats against the city, but New York is still a prime target for terrorist attacks. 

Raymond Kellly, New York City Police Department Commissioner talks about changes to NYPD's counterterrorism efforts since the attacks on the World Trade Center and now that bin Laden is no longer a threat.