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Your Chirps About Best Bird-Watching Spots

There are many spots to bird watch in the city — whether seeking pigeons in Times Square or sparrows in the park. In celebration of Bird Week, WNYC and The New York Times have been asking for your favorite bird-watching spots.

Marianne Eggler, from Astoria, Queens, said she found her birding spot accidentally when she was running the track at Astoria Park. She saw a huge bird flying overhead.

"I suddenly saw it swoop down with another bird in its hand," she said. "In fact, it was a white-tailed hawk that had bagged a very large pigeon, and slammed down right next to the track where I was running. Imagine my surprise!"

Eggler's kept an eye out for the hawk ever since. And recently, she spotted a pair. Now she said she's looking forward to seeing baby hawks in the park soon.

Jack Woodhull said he likes to look for birds in Fort Tryon Park: "The last bird, or the last good bird I saw, was the Myrtle Warbler in a tree overlooking the cloisters museum," he said. Fewer birds are out in the rain, but Woodhull said it's a beautiful spot.  

Valerie Seckler said her favorite spot is Washington Mews in Greenwich Village. She said it reminds her of a pastoral scene from another time, and the birds are always chirping loudly. Recently, she said she saw a bird that stopped her in her tracks.

"It turned out to be an albino pigeon, all white," she said. "I was sure it was an albino pigeon when it turned its head toward me, and I saw its red eyes flashing in the light." 

Jason Kessler said he likes to bird watch at the St. Luke's church garden, at Hudson and Barrow.

"It's a very small garden but the local birders keep a log of all the different birds that we've seen there, and last count there was over 140 species spotted over the years," he said.

Other bird enthusiasts texted with the following bird watching locations: The Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum in Brooklyn; Meadow Lake in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens; The Meadowlands Environment Center in New Jersey; De Korte Park Plaza in Lyndhurst, NJ; Nature Study Woods Park in New Rochelle; and Wave Hill in the Bronx.

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