Melissa Fay Greene on Parenthood

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Melissa Fay Greene, best known for her books on the civil rights movement and the African HIV/AIDS pandemic, talks about a more personal side of her life—parenthood. No Biking in the House Without a Helmet is her celebration of parenthood and her ingathering of children, through birth and adoption, and it paints a loving portrait of a unique family wobbing between disaster and joy.


Melissa Fay Greene

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Kestrel from No longer Newton

Sick? It's sick to become a Jew by choice? How utterly foolish, uninformed and nonsensical. You can become AFRICAN (I believe Mrs. Samuel is well on her way - good on her!), you can become CHRSITIAN, you can become ATHEIST (my own choice) and, yes, you can become Jewish. Am I, as a committed non-believer and non-practitioner, a Jew? Or have I left Judaism behind me like old clothes and become this new and different thing? I tell it as I tell of my hometown "oh, I used to be a Jew! Are you practicing still?" sounds to me like "oh, I grew up in Newton, too! Do you still live there?" To say it is sick to bring someone else into the fold it to say that I am from Newton, YOU can never live there.
How elitist!
But, then, I'm just an atheist.

Oct. 03 2013 08:29 PM
jgarbuz from Queens

Leonard, someone should have told your guest tha there is no such thing as being a "Jew by choice." Only the Orthodox Rabbinate in Israel determines Who is a Jew. Just like the chiefs and other members of the Navajo or other "indian" tribes determine who is a Navajo or who is an Apache or who is a Cheyenne. Membership in any TRIBE is determined by the law keepers and shamans of that tribe. Jews are a tribe, and this nonsense of liberal Jews adopting whomever and then trying to turn them into Jews is WRONG, sick and against Mosiac Law. And most importantly, unnecessary as Jews do no evangelize or preach that theirs is the "only true path." Every tribe has the right to its own path as far as Judaism is concerned.

May. 05 2011 01:04 PM

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