Percussion Ensemble


For this New Sounds listen to new works for lots of drums and other things to beat on, especially the University of North Texas Percussion Ensemble playing music by Graham Fitkin, from a recent recording, "Vespertine Formations." Also, there's music for percussion based on American minimalism, and works informed by Indonesian gamelan.  Plus, listen to music from Swedish jazz drummer/composer Bengt Berger inspired by Ghanaian funeral drumming. 

PROGRAM #        3200, Percussion Ensembles              (First aired on 5/3/11)                                                         





Lou Harrison

Scenes from Cavafy

Concerto for Piano & Javanese Gamelan, excerpt  [1:30]

New World 80710

University of North Texas Percussion Ensemble

Vespertine Formations

Graham Fitkin: Hook [8:53],
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Gamelan Pacifica, cond. By Jarrad Powell
Adrienne Varner, piano

Scenes from Cavafy

Lou Harrison : Concerto for Piano and Javanese Gamelan, mvmt 2: [8:54]

New World 80710

Bengt Berger

Bitter Funeral Beer

Tongsi [4:57]

ECM #1179

Andy Akiho

No One to Know One

21 [9:50]

Innova 801

UNT Percussion Ensemble

Vespertine Formations

Mark Ford - The Surface of Life [12:37]

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