Mayor Set to Unveil New Taxi of Tomorrow Design

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg is set to reveal the automaker that won the Taxi of Tomorrow design competition — and that will be responsible for creating a taxi model that will serve the city for the next decade as the 16 models currently in use are phased out.

The city opened the Taxi Of Tomorrow design competition two years ago in the search for an iconic, fuel efficient, yellow cab design that could hold up to at least 150 miles per shift. 

The project marked the first time the city would work directly with automakers to create a taxi that could take a New York beating and still be easy on the eyes.

The Turkish model Karsan tested well in the passenger survey with its sleek design and clear Plexiglass roof. The company also vowed to make the cars in Brooklyn if selected.

The other two finalists are by Ford and Nissan.

The Taxi of Tomorrow cab is expected to hit city streets in late 2013.