Global Newspaper Headlines on bin Laden's Death

The reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden has varied since the news broke late Sunday night — here's a look at the way media outlets around the world weighed in this morning on the death of the FBI's most wanted terrorist. 


Here are some headlines:

- Not Holed up in a Cave...Not in Afghanistan But...Hiding in Plain Sight - Navy Seals find, kill Bin Laden in Urban Compound; Buried at Sea (

- Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler Both Declared Dead on May 1 (Daily News)

- Bin Ladin Killing Casts Doubts on Pakistan's Loyalties (The Jakarta Globe)

- Obituary: The Most Wanted Face of Terrorism (New York Times)

- Osama bin Laden: It took years to find him but just minutes to kill him (The Guardian)

- What next after bin Laden death? (Al Jazeera English)

- Justice at Last (New York Post)

- Taliban threaten attacks after bin Laden's killing (Buenos Aires Herald)

- Clinton: bin Laden death shows 'you cannot defeat us' (CNN World)

- Bin Laden death 'not an execution' (Kerryman in Ireland)

- Osama bin Laden's killing a huge boost for President Obama (LA Times)

- U.S. Forces Kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan (BBC News)

- Osama bin Laden Killed; 'Justice Has Been Done' (The Washington Post)

- Al Qaida Loses Its Leader: Osama bin Laden, Prince of Terror (Spiegel)

- Osama bin Laden Killed Near Pakistan's West Point. Was he really hidden? (Christian Science Monitor)

- Bin Laden's Last Stand: A Fiery Raid in Pakistan (NPR)

- Europe prepares for murderous backlash (The Australian)

- Europe Welcomes bin Laden's death (Voice of America)

- Killing bin Laden unlikely to kill the worldwide terrorist movement he inspired (Associated Press)

- Bin Laden Killed: Media Scrambles to Cover News (Huffington Post)

- 3 Killed in Baghdad after bin Laden's death (


 As for how these decisions are made, the New York Times newsroom made a big one Monday morning; how would they refer to the slain Al Qaeda leader? No Honorific for Bin Laden.