No Cover: Nite Jewel

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Nite Jewel played to a sold-out Mercury Lounge on Thursday night, supporting fellow electro-popsters Cold Cave. Stream the entire set right here for free.

Before You Press Play

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Facts: Ramona Gonzalez, the woman behind Nite Jewel, has clearly listened to a lot of disco, synth pop, and Latin freestyle in her day. But finding her own sound has been less about building on her influences than subtracting things from them -- namely speed, intelligibility, and most of the bottom end. Cough-syrup slow and cloaked in reverb and tape hiss, Gonzales' bedroom creations are something altogether otherworldly.

The Sound: A sparse, willfully weird take on Arthur Russell pop, with vocals that evoke Debbie Harry singing through a cardboard tube.

Latest Release: Good Evening (2008), Human Ear

He Said, She Said: "Nite Jewel combine warm synths, Eno-esque landscapes and old-school recording techniques—Good Evening was recorded entirely on eight-track cassettes—on an LP that is intimate yet cavernous, classic new wave yet cutting edge." -Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone

"Understanding not only the place of pop hits but also the underground sounds that rose as a response, Nite Jewel’s Good Evening slinks by on the strength of understated pieces like “What Did He Say,” shuffling along with presets that, while originating in a wholly different era, still manage to sound remarkably of our time.” - Michael Crumsho, Dusted Magazine

The Set List:

1. Let's Go (The Two of Us Together)
All Out Of Order
Falling Far
Weak For Me
We Want Our Things
What Did He Say
Want You Back
Forget You & I
9. Shadazz (Suicide cover)
10. Chimera
11. Another Horizon