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Best Classical Music You're Not Listening To

The names Chadwick or Popov might not ring a bell. According to Conductor Leon Botstein, they should be high on your musical radar.

If you don't recognize these composers, don't feel too bad. Botstein says many talented composers from the past 100 years generally go unnoticed.

The maestro, who somehow splits his time between the American Symphony Orchestra and being President of Bard College, specializes in tracking down forgotten classical gems. He recently appeared as a guest on Soundcheck to discuss his latest venture focusing on the works of Henry Cowell.

WNYC asked Botstein to list his favorite composers that aren't widely known, even to the average music buff. Watch the video for his top picks.

Plus, we want to hear from you.  Who are your favorite composers that don’t get a lot of attention, but should?  Please tell us in the comment section below.