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Live on Soundcheck: Femi Kuti

The late Fela Kuti pioneered the music genre known as Afrobeat. His son, Femi Kuti, actually went back to the same studio in Lagos, Nigeria where his father made music and recorded his new album Africa For Africa entirely at the Afrodisia/Decca Studio.

Femi Kuti is glad he went back, even though it wasn't easy to make the transition from Paris to Lagos.

"No air conditioning, we were sweating like dogs. But the good thing was we felt like we were on the battlefield," he said. "The songs meant more for me. We're singing about no electricity, bad government and we're there fighting in the studio. In Paris, we're in a good studio, good hotels, water's running, there's electricity, central AC. Everything's so well, so it's difficult to really acclimatise to singing bad things there."

Check out the video below of Femi Kuti and his band performing the title track "Africa For Africa" from their new album in WNYC's Soundcheck studios.