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Talk to Me: Stranger Performances

A large swatch of artist Laurel Nakadate's work features performances in which she performs acts with strangers—and videotapes them. Nakadate recently discussed her work at UnionDocs as part of New York's "Walls and Bridges" conference.

Christopher Allen, Artistic Director of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn non-profit, introduced the artist.

First, Nakadate talked about her photographic, video and performance art pieces. Then, she spoke to Allen and ethicist Ruwen Ogien about the components of longing and control in her work. 


Bon Mots:

Nakadate on inspiration: "Any transient place is really interesting to me. Because transient places are all about trying to get [from] where you are to where you want to be, which is ultimately about this motivation to a greater, better thing. Even if the greater, better thing is the Twinkies in the store."

Nakadate on longing: "This is a performance where I was begging dead animals to wake up. I thought there was something interesting about the futility of asking for something you can't have. Or wishing for something that can't be. So, I begged dead animals to get up."

Nakadate's work is up at PS1 from through August.


*Updated 4/29/2011