Wannabe Taxi-Maker Vows to Build Cabs in Brooklyn

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One of the three automakers in the running to provide the city's yellow cabs for the next decade is vowing to build the cars in Brooklyn.

The Turkish automaker Karsan said it'll outfit a 250,000-square foot space at the South Brooklyn marine terminal if it's selected to manufacture the Taxi of Tomorrow.

"It makes far more sense for us to build the car in Brooklyn than it does to send all these U.S. components to Turkey and ship it back," said Karsan USA President Bill Wachtel, who noted the project could provide hundreds of jobs.

Wachtel said his company's proposal includes a partnership with Chrysler to build engines, transmissions and gear boxes for the taxis.
The other competitors for the Taxi of Tomorrow — Ford and Nissan — are staying tight-lipped about Karsan's proposal.

A spokesman for the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission said it's in the process of evaluating what he calls "strong" proposals from the three finalists.  

The vehicle chosen to be the Taxi of Tomorrow will hit the streets in late 2013 and replace the other taxi models once they're retired within five years.