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25 Years After Licensed To Ill, A New Album From The Beastie Boys

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The three members of The Beastie Boys are well into their 40s, but that hasn't stopped them from releasing a new album: Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, which is due out in stores on Sunday, May 3.

The album arrives exactly 25 years since the band's first release, Licensed To Ill, came out on Def Jam Records. Licensed To Ill was one of the first first hip-hop crossover records and established the three artsy, downtown New York kids as global rap stars.

"They really carved out this really individual niche for themselves," said music writer Dave Bry. "And I think a lot of that was always just based on their willingness to experiment."

The new album is accompanied by a star-studded, 30-minute music video that revisits the Beastie's classic "Fight For Your Right," in which the young Beastie Boys (played by Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, and Seth Rogen) face off against middle-aged Beastie Boys (played by Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and John C. Reilly).

Check out a preview of the new music video for "Fight For Your Right" below:

Or click here to see a blast from the past—the 1986 video for "Fight For Your Right."