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TMBG Might Be On Public Radio 24/7

Let’s be honest. It’s not just you. We noticed it, too. They Might Be Giants appear on public radio a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And not just at WNYC.

The eighties alt band turned kiddie pop rockers make their rounds at stations across the country. We asked them about this long love affair on what seems like their hundredth-plus visit to Soundcheck. As with most habits, it all goes back to childhood.

John Linnell says he grew up listening to All Things Considered in his mother’s lap. “I still fondly think of the synthesizer version of the All Things Considered theme."

Bandmate John Flansburgh takes it a step further by dropping the ‘L’ bomb.

“As far as our ubiquity on public radio, I think a lot of it falls to the simple fact that I am obsessed with public radio,” admits Flansburgh. “I listen to public radio almost around the clock. I drive my wife crazy turning the radio on as we’re going to sleep. I really love it.”

Ah, now you’re making us blush.