#2915: Medieval Modernism

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For this New Sounds, listen to Medieval Modernism, as Ambrose Field builds an electronic edifice on the 15th century music of Guillame Dufay.  Field describes: "The fragments of original Dufay are always presented entirely unaltered, and serve as a reference point within what is new." 

Also, we'll hear excerpts from Phil Kline's mass "John The Revelator."  Kline uses millennial imagery and the early music sextet Lionheart in this work, commissioned by WNYC.  Plus, music by Steve Reich, who uses the thousand-year-old organum techniques of Notre Dame in his "Proverb." And more.

PROGRAM # 2915, Medieval Modernism (First aired on Mon. 3/23/09)





Ambrose Field / John Potter

Being Dufay

Being Dufay, excerpt [1:00]

ECM 2071

Phil Kline (performed by Lionheart & Ethel)

John the Revelator, A Mass for Six Voices

Hear My Prayer [2:00]
The Man Who Knows Misery [2:30]
Alone [1:30]
The Unnamable [3:00]
Dark Was The Night [6:00]
Sanctus [3:00]

Cantaloupe 21047 www.cantaloupemusic.com

Ambrose Field / John Potter

Being Dufay

Je me complains [6:30] Being Dufay, excerpt [7:00] Sanctus [8:30]

See above.

Steve Reich

Works: 1965–1995 (A 10-CD Retrospective)

Proverb, excerpt [9:00]

Nonesuch 79451