Coney Island's Scream Zone Set to Open Saturday, Needs 'Finishing Touches'

Despite the fanfare surrounding the unveiling of Coney Island's Scream Zone Wednesday, the park's opening has been set for Saturday, officials said.

A spokesman for Central Amusement International โ€” the city's partner in developing and operating the new park โ€” said the rides need some "finishing touches." Tom Corsillo declined to give specifics, but said they don't involve safety. He had originally said the park would open on Thursday.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other city officials introduced the Scream Zone's four new rides, including two roller coasters, at an event on Wednesday. A spokeswoman for the city's Economic Development Corporation said the park was always slated to open this weekend.

Coney Island's Luna Park, including the Cyclone, are open. Both Luna Park and the Scream Zone will be open every day after Memorial Day.