#3195: Music Built Around Violins and Cellos

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There’s plenty of music built around cello(s) and violin(s) on this New Sounds program.  We’ll start with a polyrhythmic work from Clogs, a quartet containing guitarist/composer Bryce Dessner and composer/arranger/string performer Padme Newsome.  Then, listen to music by Bryce Dessner for the American cellist Zach Miskin. Based in Paris, Miskin intends to “push the limits of the cello.”  He wants “to take the instrument out of its classical ‘box’ and travel with it through beautifully crafted loops and overdubs, solo passages in songs and in samples, while of course exploring the exotic territory of improvisation.”  We’ll hear more of his musical deviations in another work by Nick Zammuto (the Books.)

Plus, one work each by both members of the Books (Paul De Jong and again from Nick Zammuto), written for violinist Todd Reynolds and his many devices.   Also on the show, listen for music from cellist Erik Friedlander, and something from the Norwegian ambient band Deaf Center.  If that's not enough, there's music from the next generation of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, led by Simon Jeffes' son, Arthur, called simply Penguin Cafe.  They've just released a recording and we'll hear some of it along with a string trio, Time for Three, who bring the Americana to the show. 

PROGRAM #        3195, Not Chamber: Music Built Around Violins(s) and Cellos(s)   
(First aired on 4/20/11)                                                       







5/4 [2:40]

Brassland #010

Zach Miskin

For Your Safety

Bryce Dessner: Long Winter [4:50]

Naïve V5175
http://en.naive.fr or Download from Emusic.com

Todd Reynolds


Nick Zammuto: Fast Pasture [4:49]

Innova 741

Zach Miskin

For Your Safety

Nick Zammuto: But I Grabbed a Branch [3:24]

See above.

Todd Reynolds


Paul de Jong: Inward Bound [3:35]

See above.

Deaf Center

Owl Splinters

Hunted Twice [4:46]

Type #80.  www.typerecords.com or download from www.emusic.com

Dustin O'Halloran


A Great Divide [6:19]

Available at www.dustinohalloran.com or at www.emusic.com

Erik Friedlander


Transpontine [5:38]

Bonebridge #010
Due out June 14, 2011

Penguin Café

A Matter of Life...

From a Blue Temple [8:37]


Time for Three

3 Fervent Travelers

Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek [6:01]

Released 2010   E1 Available at Amazon.com* or download from iTunes or www.emusic.com
info at http://tf3.com/