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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New York Times business and culture reporter David Carr has a guide to smartphone etiquette. Plus: the status of the DREAM Act and other news on immigration reform; Anatol Lieven on Pakistan; Jerry Capeci of on a shake-up within the "five families"; and Katha Pollitt on politics and poetry.

Latest on Immigration

Audrey Singer, Senior Fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, discusses the recent push by Democratic Senators to urge President Obama to honor the DREAM Act, and other recent news on immigration reform.

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The End of Roe v. Wade?

If hasn't been overturned in the courts, but Roe v. Wade may no longer be the law of the land. Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor at Slate, discusses the deterioration of Roe v. Wade due to state and local legislation.

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Texting While Talking

Texting while driving is illegal, but what kind of rule does texting while talking break? David Carr, media columnist for the business section of the New York Times, discusses his recent column about interacting with someone while they are interacting with their device.

Listeners: Do you rules about smartphone usage? What are they? When is it okay to break out the phone and when is it not? Comment here!

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Pakistan's Survival Tactics

Anatol Lieven, senior research fellow at the New America Foundation and the author of  Pakistan: A Hard Country, discusses Pakistan's unique ability to survive and the current threats to its existence.

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The New York Mob

Jerry Capeci writes a weekly column on organized crime at, and has covered the mafia as a journalist for decades. He discusses why Bonanno family boss Joseph Massino is cooperating with the FBI, and the ripple effects of it in the mafia.  He also talks about the recent stabbing of the owner of Lucali pizzeria in Brooklyn.

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Poetry Month: Katha Pollitt

Katha Pollitt, poet and columnist at The Nation magazinecontinues the National Poetry Month conversation about politics and poetry.

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