No Cover: Cumbiagra

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The rising Brooklyn cumbia group Cumbiagra are frequent guests at Barbès, and we've got their most recent set right here.

Before You Press Play

Hometown: New York City

The Facts: Naming your band after its genre communicates one of two things: you couldn't think of anything better (see the many funk bands with "funk" in their names); or you're announcing yourself as a standard-bearer of the style (Metallica, anyone?). Cumbiagra falls squarely in the latter category, having cemented their place in Brooklyn as a go-to group for the vintage cumbia music of Colombia and Mexico. Their first album of original material is due later this year.

The Sound: The band cites Colombian accordion player Lisandro Mesa, Mexican cumbia star Celso Piña, cumbia saxophonist Fito Olivares and vallenato player Carlos Vives.

Latest Release: (Under) Covers (2009), self-released

He Said, She Said: "One of the coolest bands we have ever had in our parties. Great energy, and an exquisite blend of cumbia, vallenato and other Latin American Rhythms." - La Farra NYC