Scores of NYPD Officers Probed in Ticket Fixing Scheme: Sources

A Bronx grand jury is hearing evidence that as many as 40 police officers from all 12 precinct houses in the borough were involved in an alleged ticket fixing scandal and scores more could be disciplined for their roles.

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, say the investigation is focusing on Bronx delegates for the police officers' union. They allegedly fixed tickets for friends and family members of NYPD officers.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg would not comment on the probe but said the city has since changed the way tickets are inventoried to prevent this happening again.

"The practice of just calling up and saying, 'Can you fix a ticket  for me?' really isn't possible anymore because once something is in the data base electronically there is somebody to go see what was removed and why," the mayor said.

The police officers union had no comment.