Statue of Liberty Knock-Off Depicted on Postage Stamp

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Who gave this the stamp of approval?

The image emblazoned on a new first-class postage stamp is modeled off of Las Vegas' Lady Liberty — not the original Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

The post office said it regretted the mistake and that the stamp was designed from a photo provided by an agency, which licensed it only as "Statue of Liberty." It plans to keep selling the Lady Liberty stamp and has printed 3 billion of the specialty stamp since it was first issued in December.

"We still love the stamp design and would have selected this photograph anyway," said USPS spokesman Roy Betts, who added that the post office was "re-examining our processes to prevent this situation from happening in the future."

The post office will also tweak the information that accompanies each booklet of Lady Liberty stamps to include historical information regarding the Las Vegas replica.

An eagle-eyed stamp collector who noticed discrepancies between the original Statue of Liberty and the depiction on the stamp first spotted the inconsistencies.