Twelve O'Clock Tuesdays: Data Viz: Your Taxes, Illustrated

Every Tuesday at noon at It's A Free Country, we bring you a political chat: Big guests, big ideas, real conversation. It's A Free Country's Jody Avirgan hosts, along with Brian Lehrer, Anna Sale, Caitlin Thompson and others from the IAFC team.

This week, we invite participants and judges from the Data Viz Challenge to discuss their work. They tried to take the daunting U.S. tax structure and make it visually appealing. In the slideshow below, you'll find screenshots of the finalists and links to the full projects. Judge for yourself: Did they work? Which are your favorites? Did they make you think about your taxes in a new way? We'll discuss it all Tuesday, April 19th, at 12noon EST. Join us!

Budget Climb - Zach Schwartz, Fred Truman, Frankie Cheung

Every Day is Tax Day - Fred Chasen

Tax Mapper - Hermann Zschiegner, John Halloran

Visualize Your Taxes - Mark Won, Salil Jain, Carl Ng

What Do You Work For? - Jeffrey Baumes

Where Do My Taxes Go? - Anil Kandangath