Tax Day: Let the Tea Party Rallies Commence!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The IRS decision to extend this year's deadline to April 18 is proving a boon for the Tea Party, who now has a long weekend to protest Tax Day. 

And despite the Tea Party's lagging public support — the most recent NBC/WSJ poll found 30 percent had a "very negative" view — 2012 GOP contenders are joining their weekend parties.

Donald Trump, who led among Tea Party supporters in that same NBC/WSJ poll (but note that +/- 8.5 percent caveat), and he's heading to Boca Raton, Florida, to bask in the admiration. He's primed the pump in a radio interview on Thursday, calling himself "a big fan of the Tea Party" and declaring himself a Tea Partier himself, with a tacit "I think so" when asked.

Mitt Romney wanted to be there, at least that's what an event organizer told Politico. (The Romney campaign denied it.) Romney is scheduled to be in Florida today, to meet with donors and hold a public event in Orlando.

While Trump is the state trying to wrestle the first-in-the-nation mantle from New Hampshire, four possible contenders are betting that the Tea Party activists will gathering in the Granite State will still hold considerable sway. Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer, and Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain will are all speaking to a rally today in Concord. (Ron Paul will be at a separate Tea Party gathering in Manchester.)

The New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition is also holding a straw poll of 14 candidates, including Trump, who event organizer Jane Aitken said she "reluctantly put there."

"I don’t know if you could call him a Tea Party candidate," Aitken said, who pointed to his previous contributions to Democrats, including the support of Democrats. including pointing out his contributions to Democrats, including the Democratic Senatorial Committee. She also noted that her group does not endorse. 

The Concord event starts a Tea Party rally doubleheader for Pawlenty and Cain, who head to Des Moines for another  Tea Party rally on Saturday.  

Southerners Newt Gingrich and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour are spending the weekend near home, going all base. Gingrich is headlining a local GOP convention in Cumming, Georgia, and after checking out a New Hampshire gun shop on Thursday, Barbour will make three stops at local Republican conventions in South Carolina this weekend.  

Despite the appearances of announced exploring candidates, they may be outshined by the most famous non-candidate of all. Sarah Palin will be speaking at a Tea Party rally on Saturday, on the steps of the much-protested capitol in Madison.


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JTWilliams from Kalamazoo, MI

If the tea-party equals a third Bush presidency, count me out. This poll doesn't even have Ron Paul in it? If any so-called tea-partier thinks Donald Trump is "one of us", you are an absolute buffoon of epic proportions.

Of course, the tea party itself, at least, doesn't want anything FROM their neighbors. We want to be left alone by government, the nanny state, and the damn public sector unions who want to maintain their 'monopoly bargaining' powers.

Apr. 19 2011 01:06 AM

American families with two wage earners, especially those living in New York City, pay a phenomenal amount in income taxes. If you simply work for a living and don't have assets like a mortgage that you can claim deductions for then you will pay a lot in taxes. This is why the Tea Party has its appeal for so many middle-income Americans, even if it is funded by the super-rich ultimately to further the goals of the super-rich. Even Warren Buffet realized that his secretary was paying a higher tax rate than he paid because the rate on capital gains is so much lower. And, of course, the richer you are, the easier it is to hide all those assets offshore or in "foundations" so they don't get touched at all. Raise taxes on the top 1%, but be careful when talking about raising taxes in general. The average American, based on personal experience, just won't (and they should NOT) go for it.

Apr. 17 2011 05:24 PM

Tea batters went down with a wimper in Madison yesterday. Breitbart pouted. Palin bombed. Tea Party is dying if not dead already. What next? Trump. Bring him on. We'll give him a new hair cut.

Apr. 17 2011 04:31 PM

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