#2912: New Irish Music

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Irish composer David Flynn visits the WNYC studios for this edition of New Sounds.  Flynn first learned guitar by way of heavy metal riffs and solos, then fell into the folk scene, and incorporates influences from almost all musical styles.  But he wants his chamber pieces to sound Irish.  We'll hear some of these folk roots and how they sound in David's compositions.  Perhaps we'll also hear a bit from the latest collaboration by Dennis Cahill and Martin Hayes, and more.

PROGRAM # 2912, with composer David Flynn (First aired on Tues. 3/17/09)





Contempo Quartet


David Flynn: String Quartet No. 2 -The Cranning, i. Slip [5:00]

Not commercially available.
Dave Flynn’s debut album ‘Draíocht’ on Frisbee Records is available through www.myspace.com/daveflynncomposer
Other information at www.daveflynn.com



Dennis Cahill, Martin Hayes

David Flynn: Music for the Departed, excerpt [8:30]

David Flynn, Ashlene Agnew

David Flynn: Shadowplay [5:00]

Contempo Quartet

David Flynn: String Quartet No. 3, The Keening, i. Murmuring [6:00]

Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill

Welcome Here Again

The Dear Irish Boy [4:30]

Green Linnet GLI 1233 compassrecords.com

Dave Flynn


The Tempest in Mali [7:00]

Frisbee Records FRCD001 www.myspace.com/daveflynncomposer OR download from iTunes