Gig Alert: Honeyboy Carencro

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Honeyboy Carencro
Playing Wednesday at Southpaw
(125 5th Ave., Park Slope)
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There are lots of retro-soul artists on the scene, but not too many of them have one very important credential: being from New Orleans. Honeyboy Carencro has been hooked to deep blues and funky jazz since he was a small child listening to old records with his mother in the Big Easy. Now that he's all grown up, those sounds flow effortlessly from his vocal chords. Carencro makes old-school Southern soul with all the grease and grit still attached. On “The Widowmaker,” the title track from Carencro’s debut album, he grunts, groans, and squeals out a down-home electric blues, backed up by gritty distorted guitars.