TAKEOUTS: Haiti Relief, Arizona's Snow Emergency, Your Responses

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  • HAITI TAKEOUT: Freelance reporter for the Wall Street Jounal Pooja Bhatia joins us from Port-au-Prince with an update on Haitians lining up at money transfer offices to collect cash from relatives abroad.
  • ARIZONA TAKEOUT: Last week's big snow storm in Northern Arizona created brutal conditions on Navajo and Hopi land. Gillian Ferris Kohl, reporter and Morning Edition host at KNAU, Arizona Public Radio, gives us an update. 
  • YOUR STATE OF THE UNION: Listeners respond to our request for their own State of the Union address.


The Navajo nation is a 27,000 square mile nation. It's hard to assess exactly how many people are stranded. It's in the hundreds if not thousands, and of course the problem now is melting snow turning to mud on dirt roads in a very, very rural area. —Gillian Ferris Kohl