#3193: Muslim World Music Day

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For this New Sounds, we'll hear music to observe the first-ever Muslim World Music Day, lending our air in an effort to “foster a broader understanding of Islam through one of its greatest cultural assets, its music.”  Listen to rare archival footage of the Fez Festival in Morocco recorded by John Schaefer in 2001, along with a live performance by the Mojdeh Ensemble from 1994.  Plus, music from the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (& Party), from a live performance in our studios, recorded in 1993.

PROGRAM #        3193, Muslim World Music Day                        (First aired on 4/12/11)                                                       





Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party

Live on New Sounds, November 12, 1993

Mustt Mustt [3:40]

This performance not commercially available. “Mustt Mustt” is available for purchase at Amazon.com* or download at Emusic.com

Thami El Harrak & Ensemble Ahl Fez - - Fez

Recorded live on June 3, 2001 at the Fez Festival in Fez, Morocco.

Sufi Songs of the Zahouia Harrakia [5:22]

Not commercially recorded.  For information on the annual Fez Festival Of World Sacred Music, visit their website at www.fesfestival.com

Mohammed Ba Jeddoub & Ensemble Ahl Fez

Recorded live on June 3, 2001 at the Fez Festival in Fez, Morocco.

medley [6:02]

Not commercially recorded.
Sounds True Records has issued three volumes of music from past editions of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music: Hamdulillah, Bismillah, and Under The Moroccan Sky. All three are available online at www.soundstrue.com

Maira Baibakbaeva

Recorded live at the City of London Festival 2000, at Church of St. Anne & St. Agnes

Nauras (Joy of Spring Festival) [4:14]

Not commercially recorded.

Nass El Ghiwane

Live, Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, 2000

Unidentified song [4:19]

Nass El Ghiwane has 4 CDs available online. Try Amazon.com*

Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar

Live on New Sounds, 7/24/00

Raga Durga [9:02]

Not commercially recorded. Wasif Dagar's father and uncle have recorded numerous classic CDs of Indian dhrupad as the "Dagar Brothers."  Try Amazon.com*

Music & Dance Troupe of the Karawitan Institute, Java

Recorded live at the Fez Festival in Fez, Morocco, 2001

Aceh Sama ritual, excerpt [2:32]

Not commercially recorded.

Mojdeh Ensemble

Live on New Sounds, 11/15/1994

Suite, conclusion [5:14]

Not commercially recorded.  Try www.karoon.com

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tuni

Recorded live at the Fez Festival in Fez, Morocco, 2001

song to Sidi Abdul Hassan, excerpt [2:00]

Not commercially recorded.  Al-Tuni's CD Sultan of All Munshidin is available from Amazon.com